Highlight Moments on Your Team Building at Cabo San Miguel Resort

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Company team buildings are often a pain and are too overwhelming to carry out, especially if you are assigned to hold the fort and make everything come together. Creating a winning team through camaraderie, fun and adventure requires a topnotch place to bring about a motivated and more coordinated workforce.

Much like a weekend getaway (but) with your boss, department heads and your co-workers, a team building should work their charm of getting people off the stresses in the office and see a lighter and enjoyable side of your company and teammates. If you and your company are looking for the right atmosphere to evoke team spirit, a beach resort with a swimming pool is the best bet.

Cebu City indeed has the best beach resorts in the Philippines, but the question is, are they affordable? If your company is just starting out or is in a budget, you don’t need to go mainstream then worry about the expense. Many unspoiled Cebu resorts have yet to be discovered but offers the same sought-after ambience and relaxing experience.

One resort in Asturias, Cebu is a great example of unspoiled getaway place for a team building. Cabo San Miguel Resort is a newly built resort perfect for team building in Cebu, as it is only an hour’s ride away from the city. Their Paraiso Hall is truly one of the best locations in the resort to hold events, games, entertainment and other activities in your team building program. The 5-hour usage of the hall is more than enough for 150 guests the area can accommodate and the affordable price of Php10,000.00.

Are you planning for an overnight stay for your team? Just choose among the simply fabulous and comfortable accommodations of Cabo San Miguel Resort. You can group your teams into smaller groups and have them stay on the Terraza (good for four people), Cabana (good for five people), and Casita (good for five people) and enjoy the additional perks like free use of the swimming pool. Having your team stay in smaller groups will foster a deeper sense of togetherness, which will easily achieve the goal of the event – nurturing team spirit for a more dynamic and collective company.

Have loads of fun with your now closer than ever teammates while feeling the breeze from the beach. Soak in the waters, feel the heat on your back and wait for the beautiful sunset that Cabo San Miguel Resort is proud to say is the envy of Manila Bay Sunset.

What more can you ask for? Cabo San Miguel with their very friendly and helpful staff, their superb food and excellent accommodations will highlight every moment of your fun-filled team building, not to mention not putting a dent on the company budget, as the experience in itself is simply priceless.

Don’t look too far for a place to go for team building in Cebu. Cabo San Miguel Resort in Asturias is definitely the “it” in Cebu resort.

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