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Escape to Paradise at Cabo San Miguel, where you can celebrate and cherish memorable events with your friends, family, and relatives



Escape to Paradise at Cabo San Miguel where you can celebrate and cherish memorable events with your friends, family, and relatives.  Our resort features the beautiful scenery and natural environment of Owak, Asturias, Cebu, Philippines — a perfect get away from your busy lifestyle with well-preserved relaxation.  Enjoy the beautiful and unspoiled beach, watch the awesome, breathtaking sunset (an envy of the famed Manila Bay Sunset), and take pleasure in the well-designed swimming pool right at the center of this 1,928 square meter property.

Cabo San Miguel is the perfect place for the gathering of old friends, families, and long lost acquaintances.  Gorgeously landscaped and boosted with a native-inspired yet elegant design, our event center, the Paraiso Hall, caters to different occasions and events from high school reunions, wedding ceremonies and banquets to that of a very much awaited family reunion, birthday parties, team buildings, office meetings, prayer meetings up to the simplest occasions that you and your loved ones would like to celebrate ����� we cater it all.

Cabo San Miguel is a very private family resort owned and managed by Tabgha Holdings Inc. We strive to be a wholesome family resort where everyone could relax and have fun at the same time. ��Enjoy every moment with your loved ones and savor the beauty of the pristine beach or the Cubierta del Sol where you can enjoy the sun with an ice-cold drink.



  • We aim for our customer’s approval. So we always do our best to get the utmost customer satisfaction
  • We wanted to give you the perfect getaway so we provided you with over 50 percent all imported furnitures and things
  • We are affordable compared to other resorts
  • We value privacy, that is why we have the no walk-in rule to filter people going in and out the resort
  • We cater all sorts of events… weddings, birthday parties, engagement and a lot more

I have been through Asturias back and forth since i started my business, I was able to go to Cabo on a friend’s recommendation, and they never disappointed me. I’ll definitely be back on my next Cebu trip.


Perfect for team buildings! We don't accept walk-in guest, all reservations would be acknowledge in our site or in

Truly an escape to Paradise